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  Week 6:  March 8 - 12th, 2010 (added 3-5-10 at 10:00 pm)  
  We'll finish up with the Gas Laws and States of Matter unit this week and then start our unit on Chemical Solutions this Friday.  That should take us up to break.

See the Class Notes, and Class Presentations to prepare for the unit test along with class warm-ups, worksheets, and labs.  

Be sure to check Edline to see if you are missing any work.

For the week ...

M:   W-Up, Work on Heating Curve Lab, Notes & Practice
         HW:  page 408: #39, 45, 56, 65  — Paraphrase questions.

T:  W-Up, Practice Test

W:  W-Up, Activity: States of Matter Concept Map,
         HW:   Study of Unit Test
R:   Unit Test: Gas Laws and States of Matter

F:  W-Up, Activity: Observing and Questioning

Important Note:  Thinking about what is happening at the molecular level (which we canít see with our eyes) helps us explain what is happing at the macroscopic (what we can see with our eyes) level.  Strong theories allow us to explain and predict.

Always use Kinetic Molecular Theory to think about what is happening at the molecular level.  KMT is the basis for much of how we understand the behavior of gases.  

Key Content in Textbook for Gas Laws
Chapter 13, pages 384-390
Chapter 14, pages 412-432



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