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  Make-Up Lab Assignment (added 11-29-09 at 5:10 pm)  
  The plan for this week is in the post below this one.  

If you're missing a lab assignment you can complete this as a substitute (Due Wednesday, December 2nd for inclusion in the upcoming interims.  Otherwise due Monday, December 7th.)  

In your own words (please cite any sources, being careful not to plagiarize others’ work) describe how scientists know there is water on the moon.  

Use the following words in your writing: spectra, light, spectrophotometer, near infrared, and wavelength.

You’ll want to look at the mission update on the NASA web site for specific information.

In your paper you should discuss (okay to copy into your paper if you cite the source) the graph at

You may also speculate on the importance of this discovery for society.

The paper should be 300 words in length and will be checked via the web for inappropriate use of others' work.  


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