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  Week Five: September 29th - October 2, 2009 (added 9-26-09 at 8:33 pm)  
  This week is INTERIM week.  So we need to take care of any missing work.  I'm mainly concerned about the recent unit test and the Separation Lab.  If you're missing either, make sure you talk with me.

We'll start practicing naming chemical compounds this week.  It's a bit tougher that the content we just completed but not too bad with practice.  Lots of practice.

Good stuff in Class Notes section.  Also be sure to check Edline.

This Week ...

T:   Intro to Naming and Practice: Binary Ionic Compounds
          HW:  Naming Worksheet: Set A - D

W:  W-Up, Activity: Naming Ternary Compounds
          HW:  Complete WS: Set E - F

R:  W-Up, Naming Practice, Notes & Practice: Molecular Compounds
          HW:  p281 #44   p285 – (write question stems) #2, 3, 14

F:   Practice Naming
         HW: Review for Quiz

Key Content in Textbook
Chapter 6: p155-161
Chapter 7: p194-198
Chapter 8: p213-216

Naming Ions: p253-255, 257
Naming Ionic Compounds: 260-266
Naming Molecular Compounds: 268-270

Power Studying —- Read the “Study Guide” at the end of each chapter first and after you read the chapter.  You’ll remember and understand much more.



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