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  Week Thirteen- November 17-21st, 2008 (added 11-14-08 at 12:42 pm)  
This Week ...

M:   W-Up, Lab: How Many Molecules in a Piece of Chalk
          HW:  Finish Lab

T:  W-Up, Notes & Practice: GFM and Moles
          HW:  p315, # 49, 50, 54

W:  W-Up, Note & Practice: The Mole and Chem. Rxns
          HW:  p 315, #58

R:   W-Up, More Practice: Mass to Mass Problems
         HW: p 315, #59, Study for Quiz

F:  W-Up, Practice, Quiz

Important Note:  This is some of the more difficult chemistry to learn.  Use this as an opportunity to develop strategies to deal with challenging content.  

A few thoughts:
Make sure you get the basics (GFM, moles to grams, what the coefficients mean in a chem. Equation).

Use a problem solving strategy (identify what is given, what you need to find, what conversion you need to make, does your answer make sense?).

Use worked problems in class as a learning tool.

Key Content in Textbook
Chapter 10: p286-305


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