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  Week Ten- Week of October 26-30th, 2008 (added 10-26-08 at 5:44 pm)  
  I'll be done with grades this Wednesday -  if you are missing anything (other than late homework) now is the time to figure it out.  After Wednesday, changes won't be made.  

Make sure you look at Edline soon. If you can't look closely at gradesheets in class.

This Week

M:   W-Up, Lab:  H2 Production
          HW:  Finish Lab, Review Book (pages 329-339)

T:  W-Up, Notes & Practice: Types of Reactions
          HW:  Page 347, # 43, 45, 52

W:  W-Up, Lab: Double Replacement Rxns and Solubility
          HW:  Finish Lab, Prepare for Quiz Tomorrow

R:   W-Up, Discuss Lab, Practice, Quiz
         HW: Review Book

F:  W-Up, Video
        HW: Review Book (p329-339)

Important Note:  The End of the Quarter is almost here!

Important Note: Unit Test Next Friday (November 7th)

Key Content in Textbook
Chapter 11: p320 - 347

Visit the class website for PowerPoint presentations, additional practice, helpful links, and class notes.

Come see me in the mornings between 6:20 a.m. and      7:10 a.m. for help.  I am also here at lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  


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