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  You should be at!!! (added 9-13-14 at 10:53 pm)  

So what are you waiting for???

Go to

  Dr. B is talking a year off... (added 11-18-11 at 11:07 am)  
  But you can reach him via email.

Have a great school year,

Dr. B
  BCRs Key from Wednesday (added 6-8-11 at 12:29 pm)  
  Key for BCRs we did in class Wednesday.  
  Week 20: June 6-10th, 2011 (added 6-4-11 at 5:52 pm)  
  This is our last week of classes.  On Friday period 1 & 2 will take their final exam.  Period 3 & 4 have theirs Monday.  

Check Edline now to see if there are any problems.

The exam is not an easy one.  It requires preparation.

The key for the practice work we've been doing is available in the Class Notes section.

Remember to bring your books before or on the day of the exam.

All the best,

Dr. B.

  Week 19: May 30th - June 2, 2011 (added 5-27-11 at 2:38 pm)  
  With seniors gone we'll begin preparing for the final exam.

This week we’ll prepare for the final exam.  For many students this will determine the grade that will go on your transcripts.  For example, if you have a B for both quarters you’ll need a “D” on the final.  Otherwise you’ll have a “C” on your transcript for this semester. Take a look at this page to see other grade combinations.   Even if you’re not concerned about the final exam it can influence your grade as several assignments will be collected.  

The BCRs for the exam are online.  I’ll choose two at random for each class.  You can see the BCRs right now and prepare.  It is highly recommended you spend some time studying and planning out how you will answer each BCRs question.  The BCRs are at the end of the document.

The review packet we'll be working on in class is available in the Class Notes section.

We'll discuss study strategies in class.

You’ll want to also be looking at Edline to see if you are missing any work.  No work will be accepted after Friday.

Dr. B


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